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Five Weeks and Counting

We started our new adventure as innkeepers on June 30 when we signed the mortgage on this 1897 Queen Anne Victorian home. It is a beautiful house: well built, full of character and still going strong after 119 years since its birth.

These are some of the things we have discovered in the past five weeks:

  1. Mark and I can work alongside one another and reside in the same house, 24/7. So far, so good. And we are having fun. It is wonderful working with your soulmate and best friend each and every day.Habberstad House yard
  2. Our guests are interesting. Everyone has a story. All come here for many reasons, but mostly to celebrate a life event such as an anniversary, birthday, honeymoon or to be with family. Or simply to reward themselves with something fun, whether biking the trails, tubing the river or enjoying the theater.
  3. Mark and I are tired. Even after 8 hours of sleep.
  4. We don’t eat right. We make breakfast for others, but often times don’t feed ourselves until long after our guests have left.
  5. We love Dole salads in a bag. You dump them in a bowl, add the dressing that is included, and mix. And then you indulge in a lovely kale, lettuce, and cabbage salad. It is often the best thing we eat each day.
  6. Cleaning and laundry are never done. We would be in big trouble without our staff to help us with these tasks. They are priceless.
  7. Lanesboro is a really lovely town. The community works hard together to make this a welcoming place for visitors. People come to Lanesboro for many reasons: the arts, the bike trails, shopping, the river sports and just to get away. And the food is really good for a town of around 750 souls.
  8. The weather here is nearly perfect.
  9. The most surprising thing for me: We have had more friends and relatives stop in and visit us in Laneboro the past month than ever came to visit us in Kansas over the last 7 years.
  10. Miles is going to be a great B&B dog. He gets love from new people each and every day.

The transition to our new lifestyle has gone really well. We are continuing to look forward, building on what the past has given us: our experiences, our skill sets, our talents.


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eBike Rentals Now Available!

We now have five eBikes available for all day rentals while you stay with us. Our guests can experience the Root River Trail easily with the pedal assist function on these easy-to-use eBikes.